Your Network Is Your Net Worth

by | 10, Oct 2021

For today’s episode, we will be sharing our story of how we met, but then also talk about networking and the power of networking.

This week we’re going over being super uncomfortable with the whole networking thing but in the end, striking up a relationship.

We will talk about these things…and more in another episode of Multifamily Investing Made Simple in under 10 minutes.

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Tweetable Quotes:

I guess the bottom line is it’s worth it because I’m the exact same way, super uncomfortable with the whole networking thing.” – Dan Kreuger

“One of the really interesting things is you can have you can learn so much more about your industry really quickly in a short period of time during the networking periods” – Anthony Vicino

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Anthony Vicino and Dan Krueger
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Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Anthony Vicino : [00:00:14] Hello and welcome to multifamily investing made simple to podcasts, it’s all about taking the complexity out of real estate investing so that you can take action today. I am your host. Anthony Vecino of Invictus Capital, joined by the one, the only looking dapper in his dark, dark navy blue V-neck sweater.

Dan Krueger: [00:00:34] Kruger always V-neck, always v neck. For those of you who don’t watch this and you just listen to it. You’re missing quite the bespoke show we’ve got going on here. Anthony is about to get on stage a little bit and he’s rocking. What are we wearing?

Anthony Vicino : [00:00:47] Well, let’s. I do want to give a shout-out to the tailors. These are local. These are local guys. There are twin brothers and they do great custom suits. Their name is the king brothers. Bespoke suits, not

Dan Krueger: [00:01:00] Custom because they actually correct me on that one.

Anthony Vicino : [00:01:02] They do everything themselves. There is

Dan Krueger: [00:01:03] Crazy. There’s custom, which is kind of like there’s a cookie-cutter starting point for a suit and then it gets tailored aggressively. This is from scratch. They put it together from scratch, so it’s technically bespoke.

Anthony Vicino : [00:01:17] They came across my radar because they did the suit jacket for the mountain from Game of Thrones, and I was like, Well, I can deal with that amount of fabric. They can handle me. I didn’t know they did that. That’s why we don’t get too gussied up. Usually, you guys know us to wear a black v neck type t-shirt kind of guys. But today, yeah, as Dan mentioned, I’m going on stage here in a little bit and this seemed like a really good opportunity to share our story of how we met, but then also talk about networking and the power of networking. So two years ago, we met at a conference and the story is I walked in and sat at an empty table because that’s how I network is. I go to a room full of people and then I hide in the corner, and Dan, I guess, is very similar. So he came and found me. We sat next to each other and struck up a relationship. And here we are. Two years later, it’s been. It’s been a wild, crazy ride. Now, this afternoon, we’ll go back to this same conference that we met at two years ago. And now, instead of being in the crowd, we’re actually on stage, which is pretty cool.

Dan Krueger: [00:02:16] Yeah, I mean, I guess the bottom line is it’s worth it because I’m the exact same way, super uncomfortable with the whole networking thing. It’s exhausting and intimidating for me, and I’m the same way as Anthony. I go and find the least populated area of the room and situate myself there. And that’s where he was and that’s how we met, but it’s totally worth it. We’ve said it so many times in the show, but it bears repeating again because it is the foundation of pretty much any business, but especially the business we’re in. It’s all about who you know and who knows you.

Anthony Vicino : [00:02:44] Yeah. One of the things is about networking events that I found with these big conferences. I think conferences. I typically like the events where you have to pay to get in the door rather than just going to the free networking events like the Arby’s, you get a different caliber of people who are willing to pay in travel for a thing. So I like conferences because it attracts a lot of people from around the country. But one of the really interesting things is you can have you can learn so much more about your industry really quickly in a short period of time during the networking periods, because you’re sitting there having a conversation, maybe have a beer and like tongues are getting loose. And we’re starting to talk about what’s happening in this market in that place with this person in that thing and regulations. And you can gain insights into how the market is moving so much quicker than just what you see on social media or in the media and at large because that’s going to be filtered to a large extent. I’m not going to tell you the deep, unvarnished truth about all the deep, dark secrets I see in the industry right now. I’m not going to put that on blast out in public, but if you get me at a conference and you take me aside and start having a conversation, you might start to gain some insight into things that you just had no clue about before.

Dan Krueger: [00:03:52] Yeah, I think that’s a good point. You can go a lot deeper with people and have some really good conversations, especially when you go to the happy hour afterward. I mean, there’s a couple of drinks going around. People are going to, you know, start talking about some things that maybe might be a little bit more controversial. I don’t know, but I think the main thing I like to tell people about it is it’s the most efficient, the most time-efficient way to move yourself and your business forward because you can accomplish way more in one weekend at a really good networking event than you could in months of just trying to meet people one by one in the normal course of business, right? So it’s incredibly efficient. So that was my justification on the first one is I actually just got back from out of the country. My wife and I were in Italy for two weeks for our anniversary, and we flew in very late the night before this conference and I was exhausted. But I was like, You know what? I got to go to this because it’s going to be worth it. I don’t know why. I just know it’s going to be a good use of my time. And it was

Anthony Vicino : [00:04:49] So yeah, to make it helpful, go into networking events with some kind of agenda, not like a hard and fast agenda, but some kind of like a goal. I go into them with the goal of meeting just one person because that’s an easier low barrier to entry. I have anxiety around large events. It’s really interesting. I’m comfortable in front of a large group of people, but one on one, it’s very, very difficult and I think a lot of people can relate to that. So I set small goals. Just go in there and make one relationship and try and make it matter, and even if you’re a passive investor, these conferences can still be very, very valuable because I was talking actually yesterday because this is a two-day event. I was talking with a guy who passively invests with a lot of operators and he’s like, I won’t invest with somebody until I can sit down with them face to face and get to know them. And if you’re investing in a lot of different markets, that’s going to be hard. It’s going to be a flight that you have to take every single time. Whereas for him, he can just come to this one conference, meet a handful of operators, have those conversations, and then go back home and bam, wink, wink, bang, boom. He’s his operator and he’s good to go.

Dan Krueger: [00:05:51] Hmm. Yeah, there’s some really, you know, substantially large national events where most of the big operators across the U.S. will be there. You know, Joe Fairless best ever conference, I’m guessing, is what’s called

Anthony Vicino : [00:06:04] The best ever, best ever,

Dan Krueger: [00:06:06] Huizinga. A great one to just kind of meets a lot. Yeah, the Jake and Gino group. These are good events for going to a place, whether it’s close to you or not, to meet people from all over the country. So if you are trying to get exposure to multiple different markets, these are still really efficient ways to meet those operators. You might have to travel a little bit, but everybody comes from all over the place to come to these things. So again, coming back to my point, it’s the most efficient way to really move your business forward, whether you’re an operator or passive investor. Yeah.

Anthony Vicino : [00:06:33] So with that, I would say, actually, we are putting together a list of conferences that we plan to attend in the next 12 months. So if you’re interested in maybe meeting us in person in the flesh. Reach out and we’ll share with you where we’re planning on being, when, and where. And maybe we can meet up and grab a drink and you can pry open our loose tongues to see if we can sink some ships to share some dirty, dirty deeds,

Dan Krueger: [00:06:57] Either industry on stage or way back in the corner. It’s one of those together, not in the middle.

Anthony Vicino : [00:07:03] You won’t find me in the front row. That’s not where I hang out. I’m either in the back of the room because I need. I need frequent bathroom breaks and so I need quick access to that restroom.

Dan Krueger: [00:07:12] You do have a small bladder,

Anthony Vicino : [00:07:13] Tiny like a peanut. All right. That’s going to do it for us, guys. We appreciate you for joining us. God, man, we’ve we’re like one hundred and three hundred and forty

Dan Krueger: [00:07:23] Episodes, and it’s too

Anthony Vicino : [00:07:24] Many. It’s too many episodes. But if you’ve been listening from the very beginning, if you’ve heard every single episode we’ve done and you’re still here and you haven’t left a review yet, well, you’re dead to me. Get out of here. Go, no, just kidding. Don’t go anywhere. We appreciate you. But do us a favor. Go and leave a review. Go what is it? Itunes. That’s where all the kids go these days, where

Dan Krueger: [00:07:40] It’s actually an audible

Anthony Vicino : [00:07:41] To or an audible as well. Oh, and by the way, the Audible, the audiobook of passive investing made simple is coming out in just a couple of weeks. So if you’re a person that has been sitting because you don’t want to read with your eyeballs and you were waiting for me to read the book to you with my voice, then because that’s how you read books out loud with your voice, then they should stay tuned for that because that’s going to be dropping any day. We’re really excited about that. So that’s it. That’s all we got. Go home, guys. Get out of your car, go to work, get off the treadmill. It’s time to time to go. Tackle the day. We love you. We’ll see you soon. Hi.

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