Your money should work harder for you, than you worked for it.

Commercial real estate can make that happen.

Investing in Commercial Real Estate for…

Real estate is critical to a strong investment portfolio. Thanks to its low correlation to stocks and bonds, commercial real estate provides reduced exposure to market volatility and enhanced returns.

Passive income

We pursue investment opportunities that produce positive cashflow from day one. Enjoy quarterly distributions of passive income.

Equity Growth

We’re able to increase the value of our assets and generate incredible equity through a business model capitalizing on forced appreciation.

Inflationary Hedge

Real, hard assets like real estate are an excellent hedge against inflation as they not only hold their value, but appreciate over time!


A diverse portfolio of non-correlated assets is an integral part of every well-balanced portfolio.

Principle Preservation

Rule number one of investing is: Don’t Lose Money. Nowhere is that easier than in commercial real estate which historically holds its value better than any other asset.

Tax Advantages

It’s not about what you make, it’s about what you keep. With the unique tax advantages afforded to real estate investors, you can keep more than ever.


The secret investing strategies of the ultra-wealthy is at your fingertips

Are you ready to fast track your learning, reduce avoidable errors, and accelerate your progress towards your financial goals?

We Deliver Outsized Returns… Here’s How.


The Invictus Way



Through a rigorous research and underwriting process, we identify undervalued multifamily assets in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN that provide strong opportunities for forced appreciation.



We leverage intimate local relationships to find incredible deals before they go to market.



Our world-class, in-house property management team executes a value-add business plan to deliver an exceptional product to our residents and investors.



We only acquire assets cashflowing from day 1, which means quarterly cashflow distributions straight to your bank account.


Cash-Out Refinance

Upon completing our value-add renovations, we execute a cash-out refinance to return around 50% of investor’s initial capital in a non-taxable event.



We monitor the market to determine the most opportune moment to sell. Typically this occurs between 3-7 years after acquisition.

Our Unique Advantages

In-House Property Management

DGK Management is our dedicated in-house property management company committed to providing best-in-class living to our residents.

Geographically Hyperfocused

We exclusively focus Minnesotan markets, including Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and first-ring suburbs. This gives us a unique homefield advantage as the local experts.

No Middle Man Mark-Ups

We don’t outsource property management, investor relations, or operations. When you invest with Invictus, you get direct access to us.

Simple Structures

No needlessly complicated equity structures with countless waterfalls and catchups designed to overwhelm you. We like to keep it simple. We think you will, too.

Focused Business Plan

We focus all our energy and expertise on 20-150 unit Class B and C multifamily assets with a value-add component in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN.

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