What’s it mean to Invest Better?

It means investing in opportunities that carry Less Risk, generate Better Returns, and come with Zero Hassle.

Less Risk

Commercial Real Estate has a risk profile equal to government bonds, low volatility thanks to its illiquid nature, and a strong inflationary hedge. As a Limited Partner, you carry limited liability in the eyes of potential litigators or bank.

Better Returns

Not only have commercial real estate returns outpaced the S&P 500 by 10+% over the past 30 years, but investing in real estate comes with incredibly favorable tax benefits. It’s not always about what you make, it’s about what you keep.

Zero Hassle

Investing passively in commercial real estate means never dealing with a single tenant, broken toilet, or hive of termites. As your operational partners, Invictus Capital does all the day-to-day management of these assets.

Less Risk.
Better Returns.

A 20 year year study conducted by Thomson-Reuters found Commercial Real Estate had a risk profile comparable to government bonds, but with a return profile equal to Large Cap Stocks. Which doesn’t even take into consideration the tax benefits of owning real estate.

Source: Thomson Reuters Datastream. Data period: 3Q 1993-2Q 2013. Indices used for each asset class: Government bonds=BofA Merrill Lynch Treasury Master, Corporate Bonds=Barclays U.S. Aggregate Corporate Intermediate, Core Real Estate=NCREIF Property Index (NPI), Large-cap Stocks Russell 1000, Small-cap Stocks=Russell 2000, Commodities=S&P GSCI.

Benefits of Passive Investing


Enjoy quarterly distributions of ongoing profits typically starting the first full quarter after acquisition.

Equity Growth

Invictus investments typically 2x your initial investment in around 5 years.

Tax Advantages

We execute cost segregation studies to maximize depreciation and reduce your tax liability.

Limited Liability

No signing on a loan or exposing yourself to potential property level litigations.

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