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Investing is often made needlessly complex by the professionals. You know, the financial advisors, the hedge fund managers, the pundits. That’s because they want you to believe taking control over your financial destiny is too complicated. They want you to think you need them. The truth is: YOU DON’T.

Whether you’re saving for retirement, or eager to get rid of a dead-end W2, there’s a better way to invest. A way that you can earn high-risk-adjusted returns, quarterly cashflow, and enjoy incredible tax-deferred benefits…without requiring an advanced degree in economics! Introducing: Multifamily Investing.

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How Is Wealth Defined?

How Is Wealth Defined?

How would you define wealth? Do you often look at people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates, and think... "I'll never be as wealthy as them?". Well, that's setting quite a high bar... why compare yourself and your wealth to somebody like that? Why compare yourself to...

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YouTube Video: Cap Rate Explained

YouTube Video: Cap Rate Explained

So what the heck is a cap rate? That's a great question. If you're looking at multi-family deals, you've probably heard this term and today we're going to unpack exactly what the heck a cap rate is. Don't forget to check out this bonus episode on Youtube, Dan uses his...

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Book Deep-Dive: Principals

Book Deep-Dive: Principals

How far back do you need to look to see history repeat itself? Often, you don't have to look far. But what if you looked back 500 years, could you find a pattern that might predict tomorrow? Ray Dalio's, Principals For Dealing With The Changing World Order, focuses on...

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