About Invictus Capital

Invictus Capital specializes in value-add multifamily real estate that return strong, risk-adjusted cash-on-cash to investors by leveraging years of expertise to extract maximum value from every asset it acquires.




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What We Stand For At Invictus Capital

We Lead With Value

Giving without expectation of return is a cornerstone of Invictus Capital. We believe that the most powerful return metric can’t be measured: Return on Karma.

We Show Up

80% of success in life is simply showing up. We believe every day and every interaction is an opportunity to show up.

We Do What We Say

If 80% of success is just showing up, then to us, the other 20% is simply doing what you say. Integrity means our word is our bond.

We Own Everything We Do

“I am the master of my fate.

I am the captain of my soul.”

We never abdicate responsibility.


We Deliver A Premium Experience

In everything we do, we seek to leave the world and the people around us better than how we found them.

No moment is too small to make a difference.


Leadership Team

Dan Krueger

Founding Partner

Daniel Krueger is a full-time entrepreneur, investor, and coach who is passionate about helping others become financially free by investing in apartment buildings.

Besides providing lucrative investment opportunities, his mission is to help educate investors in financial literacy so they can take control of their financial future.

Before beginning his full-time career in real estate investing, Dan spent 5 years in corporate finance where he managed the operating expenses for multinational fortune 500 companies.

Since then, he has grown his real estate portfolio by more than 500% annually.

Anthony Vicino

Founding Partner

Anthony Vicino is a serial entrepreneur who has helped build multiple multi-million dollar companies from the ground up by creating efficient systems that scale, utilizing value-based content marketing strategies, and always focusing on providing exceptional end-user experiences.

He is a Best-Selling Author, Investor, and Small Business Owner who successfully managed his own personal portfolio of multifamily assets spread across the country before joining forces with Dan Krueger in 2019 to create Invictus Capital.

Together, Anthony and Dan, are driven to help people achieve financial security by providing solid multifamily-based investment opportunities in an environment of trust, transparency, and clarity.

Skills and Expertise

Invictus delivers superior returns by utilizing conservative underwriting models that stress-test against a variety of shifting market scenarios. These robust models then provide the framework for the exceptional business plans our in-house property management team execute against in the pursuit of superior returns.


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