How to Create the Best Version of Yourself with Anthony Vicino

by | 23, Jan 2021

Anthony Vicino: How to Create the Best Version of Yourself

Meet Anthony Vicino, a best-selling author, multifamily investor, and the host of Multifamily Investing Made Simple Podcast. He helps busy professionals create tax-advantaged wealth through passive investments in cash-flowing multifamily assets.

In this episode of Construct Your Life with Austin Linney, Anthony shares his story from when he lived in a van, became an author, and now investing in real estate. He explains his fascination with the human brain and how he uses his knowledge on the topic to understand multifamily investing.

Listen in to understand why only you hold the key to a better you by showing up every day.

“Small incremental changes applied daily can add up to massive changes.”– Anthony [27:41]

What You Will Discover:

  • [1:00] Having the courage to figure things out and the flexibility to shift to what’s working for you.
  • [14:34] Limit your exposure to people who put you in a box of who you were or surround yourself with new people that know the new you.
  • [17:00] Feed your brain with positive thoughts about yourself to become them.
  • [22:16] Learning to make intentional decisions to become a better version of yourself.
  • [29:39] Stop dwelling on the misery and suffering and instead find pleasure.
  • [38:14] Understanding money, how to control it, and what you can leverage with that control.

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