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The World Is Stopping You From Learning About Real Estate Investing

This Saturday we’re going down the rabbit hole! Who is stopping you from learning about real estate investing? Conspiracy theories, government cover-ups… aliens?! Maybe it’s all of the above.

But when you actually take a look at our systems, whether it be the government or the world system at large, there are unfair rules and legislation in place that prevent a lot of people from learning about real estate investing. And oftentimes, these rules are put in place by the ultra-wealthy, and guess what they’re all investing in… real estate!

We all know interest rates are rising, not by a whole lot, but still… they’re trending up!

We unpack all of this and more on this week’s episode of Multifamily Investing Made Simple, In Under 10 Minutes.

Tweetable Quotes:

The world, including these businesses regulations, the government, is actively stopping you from learning about investing in real estate.” – Anthony Vicino

“They’ll take care of your money for you because you’re too dumb to even hope to understand.” – Dan Krueger

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five rules of investing

The Five Rules of Investing

** Transcripts

The World Is Stopping You

[00:00:00] Anthony: hello and welcome to multifamily and Buffy made simple. This is the podcast. That’s all about taking the complexity out of real estate investing so that you can take action today. I’m your host, Anthony Pacino of Invictus capital joined by Dan. I don’t have a clue what we’re talking about here today.

[00:00:28] Dan: I’m flying blind. I got zero visibility. No idea.

[00:00:33] Anthony: You’re flying blind, like a, like a tic-tac UFO over the Pacific ocean.

[00:00:38] Dan: Yeah. I don’t understand

[00:00:40] Anthony: any of the things I said to you and just regurgitating things you’ve said to me,

[00:00:45] Dan: for those of you who don’t know about the white tic-tac. Just Google it. White tic-tac UFO.

Anthony was not aware, which is surprising given his interest in science fiction and aliens and lasers and robots. So it’s true.

[00:00:59] Anthony: But the [00:01:00] thing about that is I like making stuff up about robots and lasers and aliens. These are really. No less interesting than the ones in my mind.

[00:01:09] Dan: Okay. All right. That’s true.

Go ahead. I was going to say alien.

[00:01:15] Anthony: So while I was going to say, speaking of things that are inside of my mind, today’s topic is one that lives only in my mind. And Dan has no clue what we’re about to talk about.

[00:01:25] Dan: I’m talking about aliens. I don’t know. Let me, let me start

[00:01:28] Anthony: this with a story. So, um, if you guys don’t know, we wrote a book it’s called passive investing, made simple, and this book has been number one on Amazon has been a top 10 on Amazon for, since it came out pretty much, it’s been up there for like nine, 10 months at this point.

Maybe not that long, maybe eight months. And, uh, we also sell them. On a website and you can go to that website and you can get a copy of the book. You just pay nine bucks for shipping and we send you a copy of it. And that’s a way better deal than if you were to go buy it from Amazon, by the way you gotta pay.

Like, I think [00:02:00] it’s like 20 bucks plus shipping. So just know if you, if you haven’t gotten a copy of the book and you want it cheaper, just go to the passive investing book.com. Now this is not all just a sales pitch. I promise there’s there’s something here. Okay. The other day, we also launched this new initiative called the Guppy club, which is we’re partnering with these two ladies, Jen Katz’s and

Um, and all it is, is a community of guppies who are tired of investing in a sea of sharks, like a shark tank. Right. And the whole idea is every. We come together and we just look at deal decks together and we go through them because a lot of times when you’re a passive investor, it’s really scary not knowing what you don’t know.

And you’re looking at these decks and like, what, what am I missing? And so it’s just an opportunity for passive investors to bring their decks to some experts like us. And we say, here’s the things that stand out to us. It’s not investment advice. We’re not selling investments. We’re just saying, Hey, bring your deals.

And we’ll, we’ll look at them together as a community. So [00:03:00] we launched that and we launched the book on this website and the payment. The system for these sites goes through Stripe and you guys have heard of Stripe. Yeah. Now Stripe Stripe has been a pain in my butt since the day we started using it because they keep banning our account and saying that we have a restricted business, because one, they are saying that we are selling real estate investments.

And that we’re not allowed to collect payment for that. And then to that, we are making extraordinary promises and claims of high reward. And I’ve been in a battle with Stripe and I’m like, I, I eventually just gave up and we moved over to PayPal, but whatever, here’s the point of today’s topic. Dan, are you ready for it?

[00:03:47] Dan: I am

[00:03:49] Anthony: the world, including these businesses regulation, the government is actively stopping. From learning about investing in real estate, [00:04:00] like actively, and that’s, I’ve made the argument to the guys that Stripe is like, listen, we’re selling education. This is a book designed to help people invest into this thing.

Like, so they can understand it. It’s legal, we’re not collecting investment and investments through you guys or anything like that. And like that copy club is just a community to come together and, and learn together. And there’s just so much friction. Whether it’s the government and their status of accredited versus non-accredited or like all the rules associated with that.

It just was another eye-opening moment for me, where I was like, man, there are just so many barriers, keeping people from learning about investing. So anything,

[00:04:41] Dan: uh, let me make sure I got this right. The world is actively stopping you from learning about investing

[00:04:47] Anthony: the government, the government

[00:04:49] Dan: and Stripe.


[00:04:53] Anthony: I’m calling you off Stripe

[00:04:54] Dan: on you out, uh, at Stripe. Cause this is my only recourse. [00:05:00] No, I think, um, my, my, my default go-to is whenever I am in unsure of what the hell is going on, I follow the money. And I say, okay, where is there an incentive for X, Y, and Z to be happening in this case? It’s very clear that there’s a lot of speed bumps and friction between the average person and becoming financially literate and in control of their financial future.

A lot of friction there. And the question you got to ask is why is that friction there who benefits from that friction who makes money from that friction? And there’s a very large industry designed to take everybody’s capital and investment for them because they are too stupid to be able to figure out how to do it on their own.

And so in my mind, I see that there’s a big profit incentive to keep people out of the know and out of control so that they just hand their money off to whomever advisors, Schwab. Merrill Lynch, TD Ameritrade, give it to your advisor. [00:06:00] They’ll, they’ll take care of your money for you because you’re too dumb to even hope to understand.

So my logic of this type of thing is always look at where the money is flowing, right? And so if there’s a bunch of friction between individuals being able to effectively invest their own capital on their own behalf, they’re forced to go and invest with advisors and large firms. And so for my perspective, there’s a large profit incentive.

Oh, The financial advisory side of the business out there that wants this to be a difficult thing to people, to have people wrap their heads around, which is how to take control over their own financial wellbeing. So. I’m not trying to like be the conspiracy theory guy, but you kind of

[00:06:42] Anthony: are like, you’re talking about tic-tac UFO’s the government for our listeners listeners.

You might find this a little bit of music, um, in the middle of Dan’s rant there about following the money and all the incentives and like how there’s a lot, there’s a powerful force out there. That’s trying to keep us from educating people on real estate and you [00:07:00] taking control of your finances. His internet went down.

Yeah. Ooh, spooky. So I’m just saying, like, even in the midst of this episode, like people are trying to, people are trying to keep you from learning about real estate investing and it’s shut this

[00:07:15] Dan: guy up.

[00:07:16] Anthony: We’ve talked about this so many times, but it is still just mind boggling to me that we can buy lottery tickets, go to Vegas.

We can gamble. But we need to be, we need to be protected from people trying to learn about investing or just property, property, dangerous, any, so really this whole, this whole podcast episode today was me trying to find a platform to vent my frustration with Stripe. And more specifically at large, like all the points of friction to that are trying to get.

EV the world locked into its current mode, which is invest in the stock market gamble away on the weekends. And that, and what’s really frustrating about it too, is like a lot of those people on [00:08:00] wall street that have all this money that are pouring into like, Hey, you make it. So the only people retail investors can invest in, in the stock market, they’re investing in real estate.

Like that’s the really frustrating thing is like, it’s not even like they’re, they’re drinking. That’s like they feed everybody else their soup and then they go over and they have a steak, steak being real estate, let’s

[00:08:19] Dan: say. Yeah. And it’s not really specific to real estate. Really. It’s just the private investment world, which is honestly all the good stuff.

Like all the early stage investments you can get into, you know, by the time the average investor gets into an IPO, the majority of the money has been made on a hundred percent. That’s not by accident. I

[00:08:39] Anthony: don’t think. Yeah. And you know, over the last year or two years, I’ve been doing a lot of Angela investing and, uh, it’s just really frustrating to me that that’s even like this thing that’s so inaccessible.

There are ways now in the same way that we syndicate real estate, there are ways to syndicate angel investment opportunities. I would encourage you to go look into those. A lot of them, those [00:09:00] still don’t really allow non-accredited investors. So. Bar to entry, which is infuriating, but any who’s. This is our, uh, uh, I don’t even know what to call this episodes a day.

It just, Anthony venting some frustration about, we had a soapbox

[00:09:14] Dan: that we needed to use and easier. So

[00:09:17] Anthony: hopefully you enjoyed this. Hopefully if you did leave a review, if you didn’t, you know, fine. Sorry, we’ll try again. Next time.

[00:09:24] Dan: If you did enjoy it, you should probably write your little. Legal representatives and have them stop making it so damn difficult for people to invest in things.

[00:09:31] Anthony: Yeah. Yeah. And also send customer service at Stripe, a letter on my behalf and just let them know like, and the support

[00:09:38] Dan: ticket for Anthony was a technical

[00:09:41] Anthony: difficulty technical support ticket. Thank you. Way better than a review. So that’s going to do it for us guys. We love and appreciate you as always, we’ll see you in the next episode.[00:10:00]

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