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Top 3 Places To Network

It’s 2 am and you’re suddenly awake with a question! If you’re Anthony, that question is what should I ask Elon Musk…

But, for any other sane individual you’re probably thinking… where are the best places to network?!

Well, we have the answers! In today’s episode, Dan and Anthony will list the top 3 places and ways to network and grow your connections. Will you meet more people online, or at a bar? What kind of locations provides the best connections?

Find out on this episode of Multifamily Investing Made Simple! 

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Tweetable Quotes:

“I think if you are going to focus and use online networking, say to source local deals, then you should go find your local Facebook groups.” -Anthony Vicino

“Anxiety is a really great motivating factor. It’s a fuel. It is until it could be a little bit, uh, disruptive in your personal life” – Dan Krueger

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** Transcripts


[00:00:00] Anthony: Hello, and welcome to multifamily investing made simple. This is the podcast. It’s all about taking the complexity out of real estate investing. I had a brain fart there for a minute. I’m your host, Anthony Vino of Invictus capital joined is always. Dan, my partner’s having a stroke Kruger. I just

[00:00:27] Dan: thought that was one of the more matter fact intros you’ve ever done.

I didn’t think it was a, a, like an aneurysm or anything, but, um, it turns

[00:00:34] Anthony: out when I start getting, matter of fact, that’s a, that’s a bad sign. These things are going downhill. You know, when they say that you’re having a stroke, you need to like, okay, smile, and then lift your arm and like, talk to me. And I can’t do that.

There’s, there’s like a, a checklist of things that you’re looking for. Oh, just diagnose a stroke, then be like, oh, shoot. You’re you’re stroking out. Um, for me, in addition to having me raise one hand and try and smile, cause like I’ll have like left [00:01:00] face side weakness and you also have to ask me questions and see how matter of fact I am.

Oh, if I’m matter of fact, it’s, it’s a matter of life and death. Okay. Good to know to the hospital quick. Cause I’m probably smelling burned rubber or something and instances, uh, in just moments away from a heart attack, which unrelated to a, it sounds horrible. I’m so stressed. I’m glad we got that life insurance stroke that I’m gonna have a heart attack.

That’s not a good place to

[00:01:26] Dan: be. Yeah. Think about that. It’s just a, I think you need to meditate. I need to relax more and uh, yeah, go listen to some Naval podcasts kind of. Chill

[00:01:35] Anthony: a little bit. This is, this is a safe place, right? Can I share something? It’s the internet that feels like the safest place a man can walk into with his, with his emotions and his feelings.

So here I come, um, so, um, I think a lot of people listening to this might relate because they’re probably high achievers. They might have their own business, they might be investors and they’re, they’re more thoughtful than the average Joe. And so they, they probably have a lot of thoughts actually [00:02:00] running through their brain.

At any moment. I have a hard time sleep. And I realized, um, the last couple of nights, one of the reasons I have a hard time sleeping is I have so many thoughts running through my head. Mm-hmm that I can’t can’t turn the break off. I can’t turn it off. Yeah. And I’ll literally wake up at like two in the morning to go to the bathroom because I’m old and I can’t make it through the night and then I’ll wake up again at four and do it again.

And, um, in the time it takes me to get up and go to the bathroom and then come back to my, to, to my, my cozy pillow. Um, like a slew of thoughts have sprouted. And then I’m stuck again. I’m like, dad, I can’t stop thinking box breath. is that the, is that the key to go? The Navy

[00:02:41] Dan: seals route? Uh, well, I mean, I do it to, um, just sort of, um, bring down anxiety every so often if I need to.

And it really just, you know, brings your, um, uh, your heart rate down a little bit, which brings everything down. But if you sit there and you concentrate on just the practice of your breath, I mean, that’s effectively, [00:03:00] um, trying to get your brain off, all the other things. Do you, do you ever get it

[00:03:03] Anthony: though?

Where you. What you’re thinking about. So like the thoughts that you’re having are so interesting. You’re like, I don’t want, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, uh, distract. I kind of wanna just play with them, but then it’s like, but I do also wanna sleep yeah.

[00:03:17] Dan: I mean, that’s, that’s kind of the, the issue I’ve had with my anxiety over the years is that I’ve, um, for the most part, it serves me well, Because it keeps me going.

Uh, anxiety is a really great motivating factor. It’s a fuel. It is until it could be a little bit, uh, disruptive in your personal life with relationships and people don’t wanna be around you because you’re just freaking out. Uh, but you get a lot done when you’re anxious. So I’ve always been, had kind of a battle with it because I didn’t really wanna, you know, get on like, uh, anti-anxiety meds because I was like, oh, all my, um, motivation to get out there and work and get things done is gonna go away.

Cuz it served me so well early in my life. Um, so it’s um, so yes, there are many times where I, [00:04:00] I do embrace all the thoughts and all the things, because it’s

[00:04:03] Anthony: go you’re, you’re kind of like house where he, he was afraid of coming. He he’s in a lot of pain and he is miserable. He is cranky and he thinks that’s part of what makes him such a genius.

And he is afraid that if he like ever heals and he is not miserable, if he ever finds happiness, he’s he’s, he’s not gonna have his, his, uh, secret weapon.

[00:04:23] Dan: Exactly. I’m exact

[00:04:24] Anthony: same way. You like house a druggie with a leg

[00:04:26] Dan: problem. Yeah. I never actually watched that show, I guess. Um, so good.

[00:04:30] Anthony: Was it just finished watching it?

Well, I guess we’re on another season. We’re on the last season. Jamie and I have been re-watching it. So yeah, that’s, it’s a good one. Classic makes me feel things makes me feel emotion. All right. Okay. So that was a ramble. We’ve spent a couple minutes here. Haven’t talked at all about real estate, but maybe there’s something in there that you can relate to.

Um, if you have any tips or tricks on how to sleep through the. And I know ’em all like, keep the room. Cool. Have, um, it really dark and take the screens away and eat a couple hours before. So don’t, [00:05:00] don’t come at me with those. I know all those, but if you have any tips that actually work, actually work.

Just let me know, go, go leave a comic or leave a review. And, uh,

[00:05:11] Dan: I’ve got one for you. Okay. What is it? And then we’ll move on, cuz this is not related to what we’re talking about, but, uh, doing. Uh, you already do this, but doing a brain dump of all the things that you need to do the next day to kind of clear it out.

Mm. That sound a bad idea. Um, sometimes cause that’s usually what keeps me up at night is the stuff that like, uh, the next day that I need to do the next day, if I get it all down on paper and get it outta my brain, I can kind of feel like, okay, now I can go

[00:05:36] Anthony: shut down. That’s a good idea. I, I do something similar with time blocking where I like lay out the schedule for the next day and get an idea of what am I gonna.

But a lot of times when I’m laying in bed, I’m just like going down the rabbit hole of like ideas and they’re just a lot of fun to play with. So,

[00:05:51] Dan: well, that’s tough because I think a lot of people, um, at least the creatives, I know most people like, um, have their best work. [00:06:00] In the middle of the night when it comes to like creative work, mm-hmm, , it’s like having ideas or, you know, art or whatever your thing is.

Well, like last

[00:06:06] Anthony: night here, here’s a case and point. This is like totally weird and tangential to everything that you guys came here to listen to, but I’m gonna go into cuz it’s our podcast. What do you want? Um, we’ve talked about real estate on like 270 episodes. If you wanna go listen to real estate, we will listen.

One of those, this one’s gonna be about, um, at 2:00 AM last night I woke up and the question that I had on my mind or the thought that I was, I was playing with. What question if I, if I, if I, if I had one question to ask of Hitler, what would that one question be? What is it with you and Hitler?

[00:06:39] Dan: This is like two episodes

[00:06:40] Anthony: in a row.

I know, it’s he, he honestly doesn’t factor into my thinking very often, but I woke up with that question. I was like, if you had, what would you learn that. What was more interesting about the Hitler thing? It’s not that it’s more like famous figures from the past. Like if you only had one question to ask, so and so or so.

And so what would that one question be? And that’s [00:07:00] actually, that’s actually really

[00:07:02] Dan: hard. Yeah. It could be a fun, little thought exercise.

[00:07:04] Anthony: Yeah. And, and, and then that got me thinking I should probably have my questions prepared for my heroes, just in case I ever crossed the street. And it’s like, oh, Elon, what’s.

I had a question for you. That’s a good idea. I need to have a list and I need to be prepped because most

[00:07:22] Dan: people just bomb the geek out. They get starstruck and they say the dumbest things and they, this is why they say never meet your

[00:07:28] Anthony: hero. Yeah. Cause you look like an idiot and

[00:07:30] Dan: Elon’s

[00:07:30] Anthony: yours. Uh, he isn’t really not my hero.

I think he’s an amazing, incredible human being. Who’s done a lot for business, but he, he’s not somebody that I would rank highly as. , he’s not somebody I wanna have a conversation with. I’ll tell you that. Mm-hmm I think that’d be very awkward and uncomfortable. He would. Yeah. And he’s probably just on a different level where it’s like, he probably wouldn’t be super enjoyable.

Probably not.

[00:07:51] Dan: Maybe. I dunno. He seems like he’s getting more charismatic. The more I see him doing interviews and stuff. I think he’s kind of getting a little bit more

[00:07:58] Anthony: personable. He’s he’s learning how to [00:08:00] be a human he’s as loose as he could be. He’s he’s evolving. Okay.

[00:08:02] Dan: So let’s, let’s do this. Get.

[00:08:05] Anthony: So talking of Elon, having your questions prepped, this is actually an interesting segue into what we’re gonna talk about here, which is the top three ways to network or top three places to go network and how to do it.

Um, having questions prepped for when you go to these things, I want you to put a pin in that, cause we’re gonna come back to it before we do though, as always, uh, Q the, um, Uh, audio effects, cuz we’re going to the bad investing

[00:08:32] Dan: zone. Those are effects. Yeah. Wow. How much should we spend on that? Uh, you’re

[00:08:38] Anthony: gonna get my bill in the mail, right?

[00:08:40] Dan: um, alright. Bad investing tip of the week is, uh, location is everything in real estate. Location, location, location. We’ve all heard that a million times, right? Um, yeah, location is important, but if you’re gonna be investing in real estate, uh, specifically as a passive investor, uh, it’s not all about the location.

[00:09:00] It’s always gonna be about the team that is running the deal, the operator. So you’ve heard to say this a million times. Uh, you wanna bet on the jockey, not the horse. Um, but I think that is a really important thing to keep in mind because people get really caught up in. Location, uh, because a passive investor has the ability to invest anywhere they want.

They don’t need to be anywhere close to it. Uh, as long as the operator of any given deal has, has a team in place to, to execute there. So, uh, that’s one of the benefits of being a passive investor is you’ve got basically the world as your oyster, but I think a lot of people still put way too much emphasis on the location and not nearly enough emphasis on the operating team.

The general partners. Uh, so people, I would not be surprised are opting for deals that are in the kind of hot areas. Um, you know, the, um, those markets that are getting all the love that everyone’s freaking out about, and they might be saying, okay, I’ll go in with this operator. Who’s sure they’re fine.

Versus a really great [00:10:00] operator over in this other market. That’s not one of those hot ones personally. I would always opt on the best possible operating group, regardless of where they are even they’re if they’re in a horrible market, which I mean, Can’t think of one. That would be horrible. I know Detroit’s been like one of the slowest recovery, but honestly

[00:10:17] Anthony: Detroit’s been pre not terrible these days.


[00:10:19] Dan: terrible, but still really depressed from where, I mean, they haven’t really recovered. Yeah. If you look at them relative to the rest of the, the nation. So they’ve been underperforming quite a bit when,

[00:10:27] Anthony: when it comes to markets, the, what I look at is make sure it has a certain amount of upside and stability.

And after a certain threshold, honestly, The, if, if you’re banking on the, if you’re, if you’re banking heavily on the market, because it’s a top tier market, like the tons of inflation and growth, and it’s gonna be awesome for those reasons. What happens when that goes away and inevitably that stuff does go away.

It does ebb like Phoenix. Let’s take that. As an example, over the last 10 years, it’s been incredibly hyper growth oriented, [00:11:00] 30% year over year in 20 17, 18, 19 20. Now in 2020, we’re seeing reset. So no more, is it 30% rent growth? Now it’s like double digits of like 16, 15%. Right? So that’s a drawback of 15%.

And if you were underwriting for 30. You’re you’re up a Creek now 15 is still incredible amounts of growth. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying easy. Come easy go. So at the end of the day, the operator that’s in that market, regardless of what the market’s doing, like that’s gonna be the factor that matters a really good operator who is, is crushing.

It can do really, really well in San Francisco or a bad operator can absolutely screw the pooch in Austin. Right. It’s totally possible. I actually saw a deal the other day. and it was, it was, it was advertised on Facebook. So I don’t feel bad about talking about it because it’s publicly advertised. If you put yourself out there publicly, you gotta be prepared for the scrutiny.

And one of the things it was in, uh, a really hot market like Austin. Um, I’m not gonna give you guys too [00:12:00] much details, cause I don’t want you to try and get like who this is or anything like that. But the, the thing about it was, um, there was 12 GPS on this deal and the deal that’s a lot. The only was only like a purchase price of 10.

I was like, that is a lot of GPS. And that tells me that there’s probably, this is probably not a team of all-star GPS. This is probably a team of newer GPS and that’s totally reasonable. Just know that going in, but it, the reason I, I don’t think it’s a team of all-star GPS is typically. all star GPS don’t need to be on a team of 12.

Usually it’s like three or four or five. Um, but it was in a really hot market. And so the comments on this Facebook thread were things like, oh, awesome market. That’s gonna be a great deal. And nobody not a single person pointed out, like, why are there 12 GPS on this deal? This I have never

[00:12:48] Dan: seen that. It’s a lot.

Right. Um, I mean, I’ve seen probably, I don’t know. A handful, five, six, I don’t 12. I don’t think I’ve seen [00:13:00] anything close to

[00:13:00] Anthony: 10. And I don’t know what the number is to say that like that’s too many GPS on a deal, but I think 12 is it. I think you’re there at 12. um, seems like a lot of cooks. So that’s all to say is like on Facebook, even there, like people are focusing a lot on the wrong thing, which is like the market or the deal, the number being shown and not enough on the operator, which is why, like we pound it in the book, like it’s all about the operators and vetting them.

And I’m not saying we’re great operators. I’m just saying like, that’s the thing you need to look at the most. Okay. That was good. That got Meri up. I could tell, I didn’t know we were gonna go there. You’re

[00:13:34] Dan: definitely not having a stroke. Cause this was very much, uh, Not matter of fact. Okay. All let’s, uh, let’s do it.

[00:13:40] Anthony: It’s fits over. Yeah. oh, okay. Um, top three ways or places to network. These are not gonna be revolutions or ways, but we’re gonna talk about them a little bit. Unpack them whether you’re a passive investor, you’re an operator looking to get deals off market, or you’re looking for partners or you’re 11 other GPS on a deal like here.

Here’s where you’re going to go to network. [00:14:00] Number one, online. Let’s stop there. Let’s just do one at a time. Tell me about online networking. What do I need to know? What do you think?

[00:14:12] Dan: Huh? Well, I guess the first thing I would say, and this is coming from somebody who, um, really, uh, needs to force themself to engage with people online.

I’m, I’m really horrible at it, but I do know what I, I, what needs to be done to be successful at it. You have to engage with people and ideally you wanna try to provide some value to people as well. Um, so if you’re super new, um, that might be kind of tough to do, but it’s all about engaging and staying engaged and really being in a, a good group.

So I think one of the biggest ones that people think of is like bigger pockets. Um, that’s a really, uh, I. I haven’t been on there for a while, but it’s, it’s one of the better communities out there. Um, for people looking to network, uh, with real estate investors, whether they’re active or passive, and they’re just [00:15:00] trying to learn, I think that’s a great place to start bigger pockets.

Um, there’s probably umpteen million different Facebook groups.

[00:15:06] Anthony: Um, I think there can be a lot of value in Facebook groups for. Uh, bigger pockets, definitely. Uh, especially if you’re doing a single family fixed and flips wholesale, um, as you get into like bigger commercial stuff, I think the quality of people there starts not to be, um, less.

I think it’s just diluted. I just think there’s fewer of them. The, but social, like social media is a fantastic place to network if you do it right. Mm-hmm um, and something

[00:15:30] Dan: else you can do with, you know, social media and just the online networking in general. And this is one of the things I really liked about the.

Uh, Jake and Geno community was, uh, they created a, uh, a spreadsheet, uh, for their entire community where each tab and the spreadsheet had a, a state. And, uh, they organized the roster of all the people in the community, uh, by location. So those people that happened to be, uh, close by each other geographically could connect in person.

So I think that would be something. That would be good to do as well as [00:16:00] in any of these online communities that you find yourself, whether it be bigger pockets or Facebook group or something, uh, trying to find out who’s actually in your neck of the woods and meet ’em in person and take that kind of online networking and try to bring it into real life too.


[00:16:14] Anthony: I think if you are going to focus and use online networking, say to source local deals, then you should go find your local Facebook groups. I think there’s very few things that are gonna be beat that are gonna be a local Facebook investor. In terms of finding other contractors, finding other owners and.

Hey, I have this deal. Is anybody interested in partnering? I think that’s probably gonna be one of your best bets, Facebook. I know it kind of skews towards a higher demographic, but, or older rather. I think it’s really great. Um, and then online networking in terms of like going to live or going to webinars, educational meetup groups.

There’s a lot of that, especially since 2020, when we couldn’t do local meetups. And so everybody went to zoom. You can get on, uh, meetup. People from all over the country with all sorts of disparate skills and experiences [00:17:00] and get a good education and then do a little bit of networking. I think that can be great.

And then you use that opportunity to ask for referrals. Um, cuz referrals are like gold when it comes to networking like, Hey, do you got a CPA or a lawyer I should work with? So I think those are some of the, the things I would think about when it comes to online networking mm-hmm and if you’re a prospective passive investor, like.

You should probably be spending 90% of your time doing online, networking, like talking to other people who’ve invested in other groups to try and get some insight into, uh, behind the black curtain. Let’s say because private placements are pretty private, pretty opaque. Yeah. They’re private, private. So talking to other people and saying, Hey, who is else invested in these deals?

Talk to them how they communicate, what you like about it. And then actually go into those operators, websites and scheduling calls with people. And usually that’s a zoom. I think that’s, that’s the best way to, to get on people’s lists and figure out who’s worth working with mm-hmm

[00:17:54] Dan: yeah. On that note as well for the past investors in online market and stuff like that.

Uh that’s one of the [00:18:00] things that, that could be a little bit difficult in the, the private placement world is okay. How do you even find the damn operators? Right? Um, a lot of it’s gonna be coming from stuff like this, uh, podcasts, um, Guys that do it. We do definitely either. If they don’t have a podcast, they’re probably on podcast.

So that’s a good way to kind of figure out, okay, who are all the operators? And then, you know, dive into the steps that mentioned, like go to their website, uh, talk to investors who have worked with them, start to kind of dig into ’em that way. And then obviously hop in a call

[00:18:28] Anthony: with being in personally guest, being a guest on a podcast is like power networking, because like you you’re sitting down and you’re really only talking to one person in an interview, but you got a lot of people who are listening to that conversation and.

There’s not much difference when somebody’s just listening to you talk to somebody else. Um, they start to think like they’re part of the conversation too. So like some, some sort of like pseudo networking has started to occur there. So if you’re an operator you’re trying to build your brand, you’re trying to build your book of business.

Like that can be, there are very few things that I think are better [00:19:00] investment of time than podcasting, which is why we podcast is why we go guesting on podcasts a lot, cuz uh, These conversations are priceless. Mm-hmm you might not agree. And if you don’t then go leave a review and let us know and say like this, this conversation has not been priceless so far.

You guys have talked about sleeping poorly anxiety. Uh, this is not helpful. so let us know. Okay. Number two, on this list of ways to network is local meetups. Now this one, I think if you’re a passive investor, unless you’re looking to. Locally, you can hard pass on this one. Generally. I don’t think there’s a ton of value in going to like the local real estate investing group.

A lot of times that’s gonna attract single family investors, wholesalers, fixed and flippers that people who are starting smaller. And that’s great. If that’s your thing, if you’re a commercial real estate investor doing industrial Mor family, there are some groups that focus on that, but generally. As a passive investor, [00:20:00] you’re not gonna meet, probably have a high hit rate with people that you’re meeting at these events and then translating that to like working with an operator.

So I, I, if I, I had limited time, which I do cuz I’m, you know, not a mortal, um, I would probably, if I was a passive investor, skip out on local events, if I was a small, just starting out investor, I would hit up all the local events.

[00:20:23] Dan: Yeah. I think that’s fair. And also just local meetups in general. Um, They’re kind of hit and miss, right?

There’s so many of ’em and there’s not that many that are like really consistently good, in my opinion, there’s, there’s some, but there’s a ton. If you go on meetup, uh, dot com or whatever, uh, uh, platform you’re using to find these things, what was it? Ster, ster, ster. I, um, wherever you’re going to find these things, you’re gonna find just a laundry list of them.

And there’s so many meetups that exist that you could go and attend, but I would. I don’t have any stats for this, but, um, I’d say the, the [00:21:00] majority of the meetups I’ve been to have been

[00:21:02] Anthony: okay. You would give them okay. Wow. That’s more than that, I guess. Fine. I would, I would give them, uh, uh, a me out a 10.

Generally the problem with local meetups is you have two wide diversity in terms of, uh, experience and skills and interests. So that’s a problem. Number two, it’s free. And so you get a lot of tire kickers. A lot of people are interested in getting started in real estate, but who haven’t actually started in the journey.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Yeah. We all start there. It’s a lot

[00:21:31] Dan: of people about to start doing something. Yeah.

[00:21:34] Anthony: People who like the idea of doing the thing, but haven’t actually done it. And again, nothing wrong with that. We all start somewhere, but generally the actual. um, follow through rate for those people to actually go through and do the thing is very, very low.

And so if you’re an experienced operator, you’re, you’re not gonna get a ton of value typically. That’s what if there is paid local meetup groups? I think those can be good because that kind of filters people a bit.

[00:21:55] Dan: Yeah, I guess even that, um, I think pretty much every state has a [00:22:00] R a R. Um, and here we’re in Minnesota, so we’ve got min and then REA and that’s just real estate Associa association, I think.

Um, I believe that that’s paid thing, but I think at least I think it’s ours. That was like the definition of, um, Usually kind of a pitch Fest and, uh, a bunch of people who like the idea of doing the thing. Yeah. But haven’t really figured out which direction they’re headed. I, I

[00:22:27] Anthony: say crockpot, not like that.

It was a crock or a pot of crock that, but that it was like you had people from all over and it was, if you, if you went there looking for other multi-family. Investors who have apartment complexes, like good luck. You’re probably right. And I could find them. Um, yeah, there a whole lot of people wholesaling.

So all this to say is like, if you’re starting out in your journey, if you’re young and you’re just trying to like meet people because you wanna invest locally, local meetups are a great way to do that. But generally for, I generally don’t think that they’re super helpful. Um, and the vast majority of [00:23:00] cases.

So you can. Prioritize the first one online. And then this third one, which is national conferences or national events. And the reason I think this one’s really important is. , you’re gonna get a lot of tire kickers and you’re gonna get, um, some people who are newer true, but there’s usually a higher price to, to enter these events.

Like the tickets can be expensive. We’re talking thousands of dollars not to mention the flight and the hotel. So the quality of leads, the people who are gonna be there generally is much, much better. And you can almost be assured that all the big players are gonna be there. Like if you, if there was certain operators that you wanted to meet or certain people that you PO potentially wanted to partner with, um, as an operator yourself, then there’s a very good high likelihood that you’re gonna meet them.

And be able to get coffee or do a lunch or something, cuz everybody is there for like a three day hyper-focused network event. And so it can just be for the bang for the buck, some of the, the best time you spend. Yeah. I’ve

[00:23:54] Dan: said it on, on so many podcasts in the past. Um, whenever the topic of networking comes up, [00:24:00] uh, I will say that this is the most efficient way to.

Uh, especially if you’re like Anthony and myself where, um, you’re not, you might not be a social butterfly. Um, if you go and you spend, you know, usually these things go over a weekend. Uh, people get in there, you know, usually Friday evening they go Saturday, Sunday, uh, sometimes they’re full three days too.

Um, but you condense easily several months of, uh, one off coffees and lunches and stuff like that. At least several months worth of that stuff into just a couple of days. So as you might organically come across, you know, someone who might be a partner, someone who might be an operator, uh, someone who might be some sort of mentor, you know, that could be like six months worth of, of interactions, condensed it at just a couple of days.

So hugely valuable and one other kind of pro tip on this, um, get there early. Um, usually at these types of events the night before everyone’s kind of flying in and there’s some [00:25:00] really great networking the night before. There might be a happy hour or dinner, or just people kind of hanging out around the venue at a restaurant or something, but there’s some really great networking opportunities that night before.

Cause typically the people that are getting there the night before the people involved at the conference, the speakers and the vast majority of the attendees aren’t there yet. So you can get some really solid FaceTime, uh, with some of the big hitters at this event. If you show up early, you’re there the night before and just kind of put yourself in the.

[00:25:27] Anthony: Full transparency. The night before an event, you won’t find me anywhere. I’m usually hiding in my room, eating a bag of gummy bears and preparing myself mentally for the trauma. That’s about to incur.

[00:25:36] Dan: just sweating

[00:25:37] Anthony: profusely. Just, yeah, I’m just stressed out. Like no sleep is occurring tonight. That’s for sure.

He’s not

[00:25:42] Dan: joking about the gummy bears. I think that’s literally every time you travel, there’s gummy bears. Well,

[00:25:46] Anthony: because I’m, it’s like a weird thing. Yeah. Well, it’s not weird. Cause gum bears they’re good. I get it. But like on a plane you want something chewy and like, cuz my ears popped and that’s great.

And then also I love gummy bears, so I don’t need to justify myself to you or

[00:25:58] Dan: anybody here. You’re getting [00:26:00] defensive.

[00:26:00] Anthony: I am so, uh, also if you’re a passive investor, the national events are great because you’re probably gonna be able to meet your operators in person, which in all likelihood you’re gonna be investing with operators that you never actually.

like, that’s the reality of passive investing and syndications is that you’re probably not gonna fly out to the market that they’re in, unless they’re local. You’re probably not gonna spend much time with them, but if you go to the meetup or the, the conference, let’s say you might invest with five different operators.

They’ll all be there and you can knock ’em all out at once. And that’s awesome. So, yeah, there’s a

[00:26:31] Dan: lot that could be learned from interacting with somebody in person. Uh, cause a phone call is one thing. A zoom call is one thing, but actually being in the room with somebody and talking to them face to face, I feel like you can get a, a much stronger read on who they are and, and, and form a better connection much quicker than you can over any other kind of virtual medium.

Yeah. Two

[00:26:49] Anthony: conferences I recommend, uh, for pretty much everybody, if you’re a passive or an operator wanna be, and this is multi-family. Um, is the best ever conference. I think that’s a fantastic one. That’s great. And this next year, I think they’re merging with the [00:27:00] intelligent investor conference, which is hunter Thompsons.

That’s also fantastic. So I think that’s gonna be a double whammy. Wow. And then the Jake and Geno multi-family mastery, which is coming up in November, I think they have it’s multi-family mastery five. We spoke there last year. We might be speaking again this year. They’re gonna have VE vanilla ice dude.

How cool it’ll be. If we’re on

[00:27:16] Dan: stage ice. Come on.

[00:27:18] Anthony: That’d be pretty RA. Our hand’s gonna be there. We actually can get you a discounted ticket. So let me know, shoot me an email, Anthony Invictus multifamily, and we’ll try and hook you up with the cheap ticket anyways. So those are the three places, three ways to go network, regardless of if you’re passive, if you’re an operator, if you’re new, you’re just trying to get your foot into the door.

Um, so go use that information and do, do, do something with it, please. Dan mm-hmm what’s our book this week. How to get

[00:27:46] Dan: rich by Felix, Dennis. I love that guy. That was, that was a fun episode. That was a fun episode. We had a little, somewhat little audio issues, but it is a good enough episode that you should go and, uh, listen to it regardless of our, uh, Mike [00:28:00] mishaps.

Mm-hmm um, I, I love that book, honestly. It was such a good excuse to read it again.

[00:28:04] Anthony: It’s it’s a cringy title. Don’t let it put you off people. It’s written by a guy named Felix, Dennis, who you might know because he had a magazine empire. He. Not quite a billionaire, but like 700, 800 million. He had started max magazine for instance.

And, uh, what’s fantastic about this book, even though it’s a cringy title is that it’s coming from a guy who actually builds incredible wealth. And so the things that he’s telling you, the stories they’re fantastic. They’re very interesting. They, they carry a lot more weight because they come from, um, actually having occurred.

So that book fantastic. It’s one of my favorite, the way it’s written. It’s super entertaining. Great stories. Felix, Dennis is, was an amazing person. Uh, it was also a bit of a crazy. So, but we won’t give away too much. So go listen to last week’s episode. And then, uh, if you want the investor notes, the sophisticated investor notes that come up that correspond with that episode, uh, go to Invictus, multifamily.com/notes, and you can download all 16.

I counted them today. There are 16 in that folder, [00:29:00] you can get ’em all for free. Uh, so yeah, that’s impressive. 16. Look at us.

[00:29:04] Dan: Yes. And

[00:29:04] Anthony: that’s like three months. We’ve been doing it for. That’s a lot of books. So hopefully this episode brought you guys a little bit of value. I know it’s a little bit meandering.

We’ve covered some weird, uh, tangents, but, uh, hopefully it, you know, didn’t completely suck for you if it did, don’t leave a review. If it didn’t then maybe you think about leaving a review and uh, worst case scenario, maybe just tune into the next episode. Give us another try and we’ll we’ll do better.

We’ll do we’ll. Might do better. We might do better. So can’t make any promises. We’ll see you there.

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