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Real Estate Investing Trivia…That You Didn’t Know

This week Dan and Anthony are going to play a real estate investing trivia game. Real estate investing Jeopardy!

There are 3 categories… Multifamily, Passive Investing Made Simple, and General Real Estate Investing.

We thought it would be fun to put their knowledge on real estate to the test. You might be surprised by this trivia… Dan and Anthony sure were.

So, who comes out on top? Who is the winner of real estate investing Jeopardy?

Find out on this week’s episode of Multifamily Investing Made Simple, In Under 1o Minutes.

Tweetable Quotes:

“If you knew the answers to these questions and you win, reach out to us. Let us know. I’m gonna send you a prize. I’m guessing nobody beat us because we did so good.” – Anthony Vicino

“What loan structure works best when dealing with a heavy value-add property? That’s got to be a bridge loan.” – Dan Krueger

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five rules of investing

The Five Rules of Investing



[00:00:00] Anthony: And welcome to Multi-Family Investing Made Simple. We’re in jeopardy here today, folks. Are we, I don’t even know this, this could be the, the jumping the shark episode of it probably is today. Reid came to us and he is like, Hey, I made a, we literally made a game. He made a Jeopardy board with questions and he is like, We’re gonna play Jeopardy on the air.

And so, um, Reid, why don’t you just walk us through what we’re doing here?

[00:00:40] Dan: Yeah, so, uh, I mean it’s, you kind of explained it all. It’s uh, simple, but we’re gonna be playing the multi-family investing made simple Jeopardy game, uh, and the spirit of 10 minutes. There are only three categories. You have multi-family investing, Huh?

The ps, which is passive investing made [00:01:00] simple. So how well do you know your own book? Pretty damn well, not well. And then you just have general real estate investing questions.

[00:01:05] Anthony: I wanna, I wanna, I wanna put, I wanna point this out. Yesterday I was driving and I had, I was struck with the thought that I should have somewhere in passive investing made simple, like hidden and Easter egg.

Oh, like, like a single line that. Dan, have you read this? ?

[00:01:22] Dan: I would. I would find it five years post

[00:01:25] Anthony: publication. A hundred? Yeah, a hundred percent. Cause I was like, I don’t think Dan’s ever fully read the book , but, Okay. Okay. Let’s do this. Let’s you start the timer or, Cause we, This might take 10 minutes, we might run.

Yeah, we need a timer. This is gonna Cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.

[00:01:40] Dan: Should we just jump right to the lightning round? Is there a lightning round in jeopardy?

[00:01:44] Anthony: Double jeopardy. How double. That’s what I’m looking for. This one is the, Have to answer. I’ll buy a letter. R . I’m gonna be, Ive never watched Jeopardy.

Okay. Okay. So read, this was dubious at best, Alex,

[00:01:57] Dan: this is his first day. So we’re training you [00:02:00] in, uh, I think you need to make us pick a category. Yep. And then you read the answer. And then

[00:02:06] Anthony: he doesn’t pick the category. No, we pick, We get to choose. Yeah. We pick, I want pins for 200 and then I get the first crack at it.

But we didn’t need buzzers. We gotta go. Ding d ding. Oh yeah. We don’t have buzzers. Answer, No, no, no. If the buzzer noises with our mouth we’re different. So here’s how, how, Here’s how it’s gonna work. It’s gonna be honor system. It’s gonna be honor system. We’re gonna go ding, ding, ding, ding. Whoever says ding, ding, ding.

First gets answer the question. Okay, let’s do it. And just know that this is recorded. So like, Yeah, you know, honor, we got like eight minutes, So , let’s just, we should have done this for a full episode.

[00:02:38] Dan: What was that? Trebek Anthony’s team one. Dan’s team two. I am, I am, uh, Sean Connery.

[00:02:43] Anthony: Uh, Burt Reynolds for the records.

Burt Reynolds. Yeah. The old, old folks listen, know this, are gonna get these references. Anyone born in the eighties knows what we’re talking about. Yeah, let’s do it. Uh, I want Pims for what? It goes up to 500. It goes up. 500. 500.

[00:02:58] Dan: 500. Okay. [00:03:00] So the question is, 30 people have their quotes highlighted in this book.

Two of those people had two quotes highlighted. Name one of those two people who quoted twice. Bonus if you can name both of them. Oh wow. Good Lord. Okay. This just, That’s impossible. You picked the hardest one. You picked 500.

[00:03:19] Anthony: Yeah. Who is I’m gonna go with, Who is Naval Raco? Yep. Haah. Haah people. All right.

That’s how we do it. Staying away from the 500. All right. PIMS for

[00:03:30] Dan: 400. Charlie Munger was

[00:03:31] Anthony: the other one. Diggy Man. That’s a, that’s a deep, that’s a deep poll. Just if you guys have, if you don’t know, I love Naval Ravikant. and drug monger. It’s a safe bet. Those . I don’t know who else I even quoted.

[00:03:45] Dan: PS 400.

What loan structure works best when dealing with a heavy value add property? If you need time to fix up the property before operating it, Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. I think Dan got that one bridge. [00:04:00] Now I could have gotten this wrong with my answer. Oh, I’m sorry. What is a bridge loan? I’m gonna go with Anthony.

See what you,

[00:04:06] Anthony: What do you say? Oh, I was gonna go with a bridge loan. You gotta say, what is a bridge

[00:04:10] Dan: loan? What is a bridge loan? Who is a bridge loan? I put interest only. Sure.

[00:04:14] Anthony: Yeah. It is an argument. Yeah. Yeah. I, I, I would give this to Dan, Dan, Ding. And first, I think bridge loan would’ve been the more correct answer in this one.

And within the loan we wanna have interest only, so like there’s a period of it. The bridge loan is usually a shorter term, higher interest rate. But yeah, I’ll give Dan that point. Okay. I’m

[00:04:32] Dan: gonna give Dan that point. Are you keeping track of these points? I am. Okay. Five. Uh, Dan, you got that one. You pick.

Ooh, okay. Um, what are the other two categories? Multi-family PIs in general. Okay. Uh, I’ll go

[00:04:46] Anthony: multi-family. 500. Don’t do it. It’s probably impossible to answer. Do it. Let’s get

[00:04:51] Dan: exposed. Get like five more minutes. What percent of US households are renters? You can guess within 3%. Within

[00:04:58] Anthony: three. Can that get within [00:05:00] 30

[00:05:01] Dan: percentage of renters?

Yes. Of us households. 60. I’m sorry, what is 60%? Anthony?

[00:05:12] Anthony: I’m gonna go with what? Oh God. Is it higher or is it lower? Is it higher? Tell em. Read or is it lower tra or lower? Is it Don’t tell. Um, renters, I’m gonna have to guess. 55%. It

[00:05:25] Dan: is 34%. That’s it. 34%. Come on. Renting’s words ass. Us popul. Diggity.

[00:05:33] Anthony: Dang.

Okay, well, wow. Look at us. Not, not a saturated

[00:05:35] Dan: markets. Dan Gogan did. Oh, okay. Uh, Multifamily 400.

[00:05:41] Anthony: This is really just making us look stupid.

[00:05:44] Dan: name the three most expensive states to rent in. Oh, ding, ding, ding.

[00:05:48] Anthony: Damn it. I forgot to, I’m gonna guess this is a total guess. Where is New York, California, Washington.

No, no. [00:06:00] Oh man. This one’s not me too. Massachusetts? No. Yeah, Massachusetts. Okay. Team effort. They get it. Team win. Yeah. Boom. Where is my Massachusetts, right? Yeah, Massachusetts. But the other two are Easy . It’s a New York, California. That’s not surprising Massachusetts. No, that’s not super surprising. Boston is a super expensive city.

Translate a smaller sport, look at a sport and it’s highly dense. Yeah. Yeah. It’s highly dense. And so like there’s not much else outside of Boston cause

[00:06:24] Dan: I would’ve figured like Texas or Florida, but there’s so much in between those big cities in those states.

[00:06:29] Anthony: That’s nothing. No, it had to have been some East coast.

But yeah, I wasn’t gonna say New Jersey cuz, And I was gonna say like

[00:06:36] Dan: Washington, but I was gonna say DC Yeah, but

[00:06:38] Anthony: that’s like a district. I be DC’s up there. I bet DC’s up there.

[00:06:41] Dan: But that’s not like a, like a state really that. If it were officially

[00:06:47] Anthony: a state, that would’ve been a loophole. Yeah, exactly. Right.

Uh, okay. So what are the other

[00:06:52] Dan: ones? Multi-family PIs General.

[00:06:54] Anthony: Okay. General for 100. . Jesus,

[00:06:57] Dan: Who owns the most real estate in the world? Ding, [00:07:00] ding, dinging.

[00:07:03] Anthony: Bill Gates. Who’s Bill Gates? No,

[00:07:06] Dan: uh, the United Kingdom. Well, it’s an entity. It’s not an individual.

[00:07:12] Anthony: Oh, it was black. Yeah. Oh, this one surprised me.

[00:07:15] Dan: It’s not a sovereign nation.

[00:07:17] Anthony: Is this a 100 question? Yeah.

[00:07:18] Dan: Jesus. . It’s not a sovereign nation. It’s not, It’s an entity that owns the most real estate

[00:07:25] Anthony: in the world.

In the world. I know. Oh, oh, oh. The, um, the, the, the, the People’s Republic of China. No. He said it wasn’t the, You sure about that? The Catholic, You sure about

[00:07:35] Dan: that? The Catholic church at 177 million acres. Yeah. That

[00:07:40] Anthony: that makes sense. Yeah. But the People’s Republic of China own all of China. Right. Trave. Like it’s just, it’s all a sham.

Like the pretend, or I guess Putin. Russia’s pretty big. Yeah, but we’re talking about stuff that’s like on the books. Okay. Take this one off. This one doesn’t count. Nobody gets any points for this one. This is horrible. This is such a hard [00:08:00] game. Okay. Uh, General for 200. Cause 100 was

[00:08:05] Dan: impossible. as of right now.

Ooh. Uh, when this was written, which is 11:00 AM this morning, what were interest rates for 30 year fixed loan dig? I’m sorry, what’d you say? 30 year fixed loan. You don’t get to ask the 7.1%. It was 6.8, but I did say that Guess within 0.3%. 6.8.

[00:08:26] Anthony: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Let’s be very clear. Dan ding, ding, ding.

And then asked you to repeat the question. Yeah, that works. Cause he ding, ding, ding. Before you even finished . No points. Did.

[00:08:38] Dan: Did I get points? Did I get the points? You did Get the points. You guys are Kahoot. Your face. This is

[00:08:42] Anthony: cahooting. You just gotta be nice to, I could have gotten it with in 0.3. Right.

[00:08:47] Dan: Dan. Ding, . Sorry. Wait. .

[00:08:50] Anthony: You got it. You got that. This is the worst podcast in the world. Okay. I’m sorry, listeners slash

[00:08:55] Dan: viewers, but we’re just gonna keep doing this, so deal with it.

[00:08:58] Anthony: Yeah, it is what it’s, I’m

[00:08:59] Dan: gonna go with

[00:08:59] Anthony: [00:09:00] multi-family

[00:09:00] Dan: for what’s left. 100, 200 and 300. I will do 100. Mm-hmm. .

[00:09:05] Anthony: Those are the hard ones.

[00:09:07] Dan: They’re all hard. Which, No, this one’s pretty easy. You’ll get this one. Which, which state has the most multi-family properties? Ding Dig? Yes. Uh, .

[00:09:18] Anthony: It’s deer to headlights. He’s like, I didn’t, no. Did not expect to get New York. Where is New York? Anthony got that one. Boom. I tried the early ding. What was the answer?

New York. New York.

[00:09:32] Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Anthony?

[00:09:34] Anthony: Um, one, two and three. One. PS one.

[00:09:37] Dan: PS one. What does the first part of PS cover? Part ones

[00:09:42] Anthony: Ding, ding. Um, your financial, like what is determining your investment thesis and financial and determining why? Your why of financial freedom. It’s

[00:09:54] Dan: part one. The path to financial freedom.

Boom. The path to financial freedom. That is correct. Page 11. That’s who’s winning. [00:10:00] You are by only a hundred points. How? How?

[00:10:03] Anthony: Wait, don’t ask questions. I got 500 and a 400 and a and a 100. It’s those early dings, man.

[00:10:10] Dan: You split it.

[00:10:12] Anthony: I’m done. I’m done. I’m done playing this game. You, you let him ding, ding earlier and then you’re splitting my point.

I’m done. I’m flipping the table. I’m walking away. How gonna be Massachusetts? Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Because you couldn’t sit there quietly while I answered the question. All right, Take your buzzer. I’m disconnected.

[00:10:31] Dan: Anthony. Think what restaurant franchise has the most successful real estate business model.

[00:10:37] Anthony: Anthony Dam it. What is McDonald’s? Yes, and that does it for multi-family investing made simple cuz if a math is correct, I wouldn’t buy a hundred. 200. 200 Indi Dispute. Even with the host try to cheat me. . Clear the play in Famous. I’m checked out of this episode. It’s cuz you write the checks, you know? I [00:11:00] see what’s happening here.

[00:11:00] Dan: I’m gonna cross things out. Just

[00:11:03] Anthony: mad about life. I wanna be very clear. I thought this game was gonna be way easier. Me too. What the hell? Damn you ibe.

[00:11:10] Dan: I’m gonna be honest, I wrote some of these thinking that this would be too easy. .

[00:11:14] Anthony: Really? You give us far too much credit. Wow. Yeah.

[00:11:17] Dan: Well, We’ve been ousted on the interwebs.

Everyone knows maybe the PIs could have been less specific. How

[00:11:25] Anthony: many things were quoted twice? . Well, you guys love quoting. Ah, I love quoting. It’s true. Dang, that’s a deep dive. Okay, well if, um, okay, if you’re listening at home, Oh man, really what we should have done is we should have had them playing along at home.

So if you were playing along at home, because that’s the whole phone of jeopardy and you beat us, and you’re like, I answered that quicker and better than both. Um, somehow you knew Massachusetts was third highest rent city or, uh, state, whatever it is. Um, if you knew the interest rate was 6.7, if [00:12:00] you knew, uh, Naval Racon was quoted twice, pimps.

If you knew the answers to these questions and you win, reach out to us. Let us know. I’m gonna send you a a, a prize. I’m guessing, I’m guessing nobody beat us because we did so. Yeah, I mean this is the honor system, so if you wanna claim it, Yeah, I’m not gonna know. Or what am I gonna have at it? Yeah, so if you shoot me an email, I’ll send you a gift.

Um, I mean you can lie. I don’t care. And that’s gonna do it for us guys. We’ll see guys. And hopefully the next episode where we’re gonna do Wheel of Fortune, we’re not family. It’ll be episode No, just came. We’re gonna do double family feed. We’re gonna do double. Oh dear. No. Yeah, we’re gonna get GAed with the slime.

Nope, it’s gonna be dope. All right guys. We’ll see you in the next episode.[00:13:00]

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