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Freaky Friday: The 3 Legs Of Any Business

It’s freaky Friday! Well, it’s actually Saturday, but this episode was actually recorded on Friday. In this freaky episode, the world has turned upside down, cats and dogs are friends, and Dan is in charge of marketing while Anthony is leading the finances!

We’re going to explore this alternate universe here… how would it work? What if Anthony was the math-man in charge of the spread sheets, and Dan was running around creating social media posts and marketing materials?

It might not be that bad actually…

Find out on this week’s episode of Multifamily Investing Made Simple, In Under 10 Minutes

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Tweetable Quotes:

“Everybody loves a spreadsheet, right? Like everybody loves data? No.” -Anthony Vicino

“It’s almost impossible for one person to be good at all the aspects of any business, right?” – Dan Krueger

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The Five Rules of Investing

** Transcripts

Freaky Friday

[00:00:00] Anthony: Hey, welcome to the podcast. This is multifamily investing made simple. I’m your host, Anthony Vino of Invictus capital joined by Dan. I always pee in the pool. Kruger. Why wouldn’t you? I once get up and go to bathroom, full disclosure. I too pee in the pool. So don’t swim with me, people. Unless we’re in a jacuzzi, in which case you’re probably, I mean, it’s to warm water.

It kind of loosens everything up. So maybe don’t go in there either. So what are we doing here today? I don’t know. We’re gonna do a podcast. I go from, with that. Yeah. It’s hard to, it’s hard to, I say we

[00:00:44] Dan: just move on and okay. Pretend like it never

[00:00:47] Anthony: happened. Listeners. Go ahead and just grant us a Mulligan on this one where, um, just gonna pretend like that never happened.

Let’s just keep moving forward. Today is freaky Friday. So what’s that. Good question. [00:01:00] Dan has no clue actually. Oh, he’s looking at me. Like, where are you going with this? Like, yeah. Today is freaky Friday. Uh, Reid had the idea in his list of ideas, uh, for podcast episodes today to ask the question what would happen if Anthony and Dan swapped places?

Ooh, what would happen if Anthony took over finances and property management, and if Dan took over marketing and investor relations, what would. And I thought that’s interesting. Let’s let’s unpack that for a second. Let’s do it. Let’s see. So real, real, real quick gut gut feeling. What do you think if we swap places I take finance and property management.

You take over marketing and investor relations. What happens? How long before we crash and burn? First of all,

[00:01:46] Dan: well, I first off the website would be just about 10 bullet points. No image it’d be a spreadsheet. yeah. Yeah. It would literally be like a Google sheet. You just log in and there’s data and you’re [00:02:00] supposed to know what to do with that.

[00:02:01] Anthony: Everybody loves a spreadsheet, right? Like everybody loves data, no

[00:02:04] Dan: narrative. No, there’d be no feeling, no emotion. Just here’s data. Boom. Well that one’s, it

[00:02:10] Anthony: that’s an easy one because we can actually look back in time. There was a point when we first met, you did have a website, you know, you were running DGK acquisitions and lesser known story actually.

I looked at Dan’s website. I was like, this website’s so bad. I need, I was like, I can’t let this exist in the universe. So I rebuilt him a website over the weekend. One, one time before him. And I really even like, were that close and I sent it to him and was like, Hey man, I don’t, I don’t know if you like this.

Um, or if you want this, but it’s here. If you want it, I’ll set it up for you. So you, your website, isn’t this. Um, and then see, you were all on the twin cities. Rental properties.com something. Yeah. Does that still exist? It’s the beta site. We still own it. Yeah. Yeah. We still own that site. Um, I uploaded it like you, your website went was live for a bit, but then about four or five months later.

created Invictus [00:03:00] capital, well, Veritas, Veritas, capital, and then Invictus capital. So, so we know how that one would go. Mm-hmm and you, you used to create a lot of content, actually. It did. So you were, you were on the marketing side, so honestly, like you were doing stuff like you have a, a knack for it. You have an ability.

[00:03:14] Dan: It’s it’s the written word. I think where, where I fall flat, I mean, I can write, but it’s not gonna come across, uh, as, as eloquently as somebody who knows how to create a native. Because again, I can, I can write, well, like speak English and I could put together a sentence with semi appropriate punctuation, but, uh, but really creating like a, a story that draws people in that that’s tough.

Yeah. How many people could do that?

[00:03:37] Anthony: I think, I think that was the issue with your marketing back in the day. Is there was no cohesive narrative, like no direction. Yeah. Yeah. It was kind of like, it was good, but it was, it didn’t lead anywhere. Yeah. Um, definitely, probably wouldn’t have written a book.

[00:03:50] Dan: No, no, I don’t think so.

Um, at best maybe some ebook. Yeah. Maybe one of those. I mean, a lot of people do that

[00:03:57] Anthony: kind of stuff, but yeah. So in marketing, I think we would, [00:04:00] um, we’d, it’d be okay, but we would not be, I actually consider us to have like one of the best marketing engines in the industry. I was gonna say, I

[00:04:08] Dan: mean, I’ve seen some other people’s, um, uh, assets.

They put out, whether it be a deck for a deal, uh, their webinars and their social media content. That’s easy. I think we’re doing all right. Yeah.

[00:04:21] Anthony: I, I think we’re doing pretty good. The investor relations, honestly. I, I don’t think we would feel it if you took, took it over. I don’t think there’d any, no, let’s do it

[00:04:28] Dan: entirely.

I mean, that’s really just maintaining relationships. We’re both good people. Yeah. People, people. Yeah. Um, so I think that one is like either, you know, how to interact with people. Well, you know how to be a human . Yeah. I mean, as long as you’re not like a robot mm-hmm , you can, you can do it, but, uh, it’s really just about caring and trying to provide value.

And if you can do that, we both can do that. That’s. Uh, I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but I think we that’s pretty equal for us. Mm-hmm

[00:04:52] Anthony: how about the flip side? Okay. If I took over finances, where we, where we landed with that one, see the thing

[00:04:56] Dan: is, I don’t know if I. Ex you, you saw me [00:05:00] attempt marketing. I haven’t seen you attempt anything really financial, like I’ve seen, you know, I’ve seen you, I was look at things, but I’ve never seen you just do the whole thing and, and what that would look like.

This is, I don’t know.

[00:05:09] Anthony: This is interesting when Reed poses question, I, my initial thought was like, oh man, I would struggle with the finances, but then I would be like depressed. I, I would hate it. I would not enjoy it. I really wouldn’t enjoy it. Like that would, that’s the thing. But then I was like, oh, I think would be okay.

Because honestly I would probably just outsource. Like I would, I would just be like, I I’m just gonna go find somebody who’s really good at this and get them to do it. Yeah. But so here’s the thing is

[00:05:33] Dan: you can’t do that initially. Right? That’s fair. That’s fair back. We didn’t really have that

[00:05:39] Anthony: option hone.

Honestly, the finances would not be good. Um, the underwriting, the, the, the account management, like it is stuff that just bores me to tears. I hate it. I don’t think, I don’t think I would manage it very well. Um, so I don’t like our chances there, but on the property management side, I think we’d be fine on that one, honestly, cuz that that’s, that actually starts [00:06:00] getting into a realm that I really enjoy.

This is operations and systems and done that before in other businesses. So I think that one would be okay, but finances would be a struggle assuming you have the right people.

[00:06:10] Dan: That’s that’s the big one there. I think to find the right people. People

[00:06:13] Anthony: are always the hard part for sure.

[00:06:15] Dan: Yeah. If you get those right people and you’ve got the systems and processes, um, You should

[00:06:20] Anthony: be good to go.

Yeah, I think I think operations fine. We’d be fine. Um, I would struggle with the man with the finances. Um, I think marketing would be, would be okay in your hands and I don’t think it would be worse than others.

[00:06:34] Dan: So if we flip flopped, we’d go from like the best ever. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:06:39] Anthony: we would be average like C, C students we’d be average and potentially in jail.

uh, depending on how the finance is, if I paid bills or not like . Yeah. Well, the thing is like, I just, I have such a visceral reaction to paying bills and spending money. It bothers me so much. That I think every day, having to write checks a lot checks would like would [00:07:00] not, it would hurt me. I be, I

[00:07:02] Dan: can’t do this.

Which isn’t bad. I mean, you shouldn’t just be like, yes, man, whatever it takes to do whatever, it’s like, no, you gotta, you gotta try to keep your eye on that and, and make sure you you’re not overspending because contractors vendors, they double bill all the time. They not just double bill, but they’ll never under bill ever.

Yeah. I mean, we’ll, I’ve honestly I’ve. I had, uh, we got some good vendors these days and I had. Somebody reach out. Uh, recently, uh, I had an invoice in front of me. It had $1 amount on it. We cut the check. I gave it to him, called me back the next day. And he’s like, you know what? There’s an error on that. Uh, some sure there was, was on that invoice where I actually already paid for.

So I need a new check. That’s less. I was like, oh, very cool. Well, thank you. Good. That’s that? That was Marco shadow. Two Marco.

[00:07:45] Anthony: Good job, Marco. Now we need to have a question, but with our finance guy, why didn’t our finance guy catch that?

[00:07:51] Dan: No, we didn’t. This was just so you know, oh, this. No, this was paid by by Joe.


[00:07:56] Anthony: I got no one told me. Gotcha. Oh, oh, that’s interesting. Okay. [00:08:00] Uh, so all this to say is if you’re listening to this, the takeaway is you don’t have to be great at everything, but you do wanna figure out what you’re great at and lean into it, and then find partners or systems that allow you just to lean into what you’re really good at.

Yeah. Cause if you can spend all your time on that, then your business is gonna grow. It’s gonna flourish. Yeah. And that’s

[00:08:16] Dan: the big thing I think is that no, one’s gonna be good at all. The things it’s almost impossible for. One person to be good at all the aspects of, of any business, right? Mm-hmm , you’ve got those kind of operations.

You’ve got the, the marketing and you’ve got the finance and, and I, I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody who could do all three really well.

[00:08:33] Anthony: No, no, I don’t know anybody, cuz like we always talk about the three legs of the business. You have the marketing and the operations and the finance and I think what makes people good at one of these.

In a lot of ways naturally makes you not good at one of the other three. Yep. Like you can be good at two of the three. That’s not too rare. Uh, but begin good at three outta three, it requires different personalities. Two of those do, um, that are kind of at odds. And so, [00:09:00] which is why we fight every day, every day.

Yeah. Like the, like the odd couple fist fights, like it’s pretty bad. Dan has never. Not once I don’t practice jujitsu. Yeah. He’s not good with his fist. He use, he keeps trying to uses words and I’m like, you can’t submit me with your words, Dan spit

[00:09:15] Dan: Daniel okay. Anyway, that’s gonna do

[00:09:18] Anthony: it for us guys.

Hopefully got a little bit of value outta this. This is freaky Friday. If Dan and I switch places what’s gonna happen, um, gonna crash and burn, world’s gonna end. Uh, I don’t actually think that would be the case. Yeah. Um, but hopefully this is a nugget of wisdom or insight that you can apply to your own business.

And. Uh, doings out there into the world. So take it and go forth. I hope this brought value. If it did Joe, uh, do me something do me a solid, what do you think I’m gonna ask Dan, what do you think, uh, for money? Give me money. either give me money. If you enjoyed the podcast, either gimme money or go leave a review.

It’s your choice. But my PayPal is. Can I should, I’m probably not gonna [00:10:00] put that on the air. Um, but just go leave a review. That’s all. We’ll see guys, in the next episode.

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