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Bonus Episode: 5 Simple Truths Of Success

If only being successful were simple… if only there were some sort of guide… maybe even just 5 simple truths that would lead to success…

Well, here you go! Here are 5 Simple Truths that we have found on our journey to success! Over the last 3 years, we have acquired over $50 million of commercial real estate, and we want to share that path to success with everybody!

Consistency, discipline, self-control, accelerated timelines, and curiosity. These 5 things are our simple ingredients that combine to create the complex dish that is Success.

So what exactly do we mean?

Find out on this week’s bonus episode of Multifamily Investing Made Simple!

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“Doing a hundred pushups every single day for the next five years is gonna serve you way better than sitting down and just doing 10,000 pushups right now.” – Anthony Vicino

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five rules of investing

The Five Rules of Investing

** Transcripts

5 Simple Truths Of Success

[00:00:00] Anthony: Here are five simple truths that have served us incredibly well here at Invictus capital on our path to acquiring over 50 million of commercial real estate here in the past three years.

So simple truth. Number one, consistency beats intensity. I like to say that doing a hundred pushups every single day for the next five years is gonna serve you way better than sitting down and just doing 10,000 pushups right now. But in the beginning, when you first, first start doing a thing, it’s really easy to be motivated.

You know, this is why at the beginning of the, the year, when everybody has their new year’s resolutions, they set these big audacious goals and they’re like, I can do this. And for the first two weeks they’re getting after it, they have high intensity to crush in that gym to crush in that Nutri. And then it kind of falls off because they lacked [00:01:00] consistency.

So when it comes to building a business or investing in real estate, just pin to the forefront of your mind, that the number one thing that is going to matter in a, in achieving. Your desired success is being consistent. And can you show up every single day and do the little work that needs to be done rather than just showing up at the end of each week when like a big flurry of activity, consistency, beats, intensity, all right.

Simple truth. Number two, discipline beats motivation. And this ties into the consistency beats intensity conversation, because it’s really easy to be motivated in the. When you first start off on a new journey, it’s exciting. There’s a lot of thrills and a lot of the growth is really easy in the beginning because you are starting from such a position where they’re so far to go and you’re gonna see quick gains.

And that can be really motivating, but there comes the messy middle, the period of time. When you go into the hump or you go into the plateau things, start getting really hard and unless you can replace the motivation with the [00:02:00] discipline to follow through, you’re eventually going to. This is the mistake that I see.

So many people making is that they, they they’re so motivated. They have so much passion for the thing, but then once it, once the going gets hard, they quit. So if you can cultivate a skill, a habit of discipline and sticking with the thing, even when times get hard, then you are going to beat out all the comp the competitors who only are relying on motivation because eventually that motivation will win.

There’s gonna be a day. You’re gonna wake up. You’re not gonna want to do the work. And if you let yourself, if you let yourself off the hook and you don’t have the discipline to make yourself do the work. Then that one day turns into two days into three days. And your competitor who does have the discipline to hold themselves accountable and show up and do the work they’re eventually gonna beat you.

All right. Simple truth. Number three is self-control beats no control. This was a really hard one for me because I suffer from ADHD. And when I was younger, uh, I didn’t have the systems with frameworks in place in my life to be able to take all the potential energy that I had inside of me and move it towards a focused goal.

And as a [00:03:00] result, I, I, I, I lacked control over my own life. And as, uh, as a consequence that meant that everybody else in my life had to exert control over me. So my bosses, they were trying to control me, cuz I didn’t have the self control to show up on time to do the work as it needed to be done. So they had to exert external control over me as a result, I was getting fired a lot because I didn’t do very well in those environments.

So if you can’t control yourself, then somebody else is gonna have to do it for you. This is where society has rules and laws for a reason. So you have to be able to govern yourself. And this is a really difficult concept for entrepreneurs that there’s really nobody out there telling you that you have to show up and put in the hours and do the work.

So if you don’t do it, the work’s not gonna get done. You have nobody to blame for it, but yourself. So self control beats, no control, simple truth. Number four is by end of day beats by end of week. If you want to get further ahead than your competitors accelerate the timeline on which you get things.

It’s just that simple. I know we only have 24 hours in a day. Everybody has the same [00:04:00] amount of time, but the amount that you can get done in that time, if you can get more done of more high quality work, more effective work than your competitors, you’re going to get further ahead. So just a general principle when you’re building out your teams by instead of saying, and setting the default time, a unit of time that you expect task to take, to be completed, most companies say, okay, by end of.

If you can make that by end of day or by end of hour, you’ve accelerated the, the progress. The path of progress is so much faster and you’re gonna get seven times more done in a week than if you’re just taking it one week at a time. Simple truth, number five. Why not beats? Why? A lot of people are set in a default mode of just asking, why would we do that?

They’re they’re negative. They’re pessimistic. And maybe rightfully so. But if you wanna succeed as an entrepreneur in business, or as an investor, you have to be really good at asking the question, why not looking for reasons to disprove your pessimism and say, Hey, why can’t we do it this way? Why can’t we do that?

Why is it impossible to build it in this [00:05:00] way? And by asking those questions, You’re starting to pull parts of your mind into the equation to find solutions that otherwise you would just have been closed off to. So eliciting your subconscious to say, why not? Why can’t we do this thing? Find the solution it’s there only if you’re looking for it though.

All right. So those are five simple truths that have served us well here at Invictus capital on our path to acquiring over 50 million of real estate in the last couple of years, hopefully they serve you well. I’d love to hear your feedback, which of these rules, simple truths, what, which ones have served you well, what are some simple truths in your own life that I didn’t talk about here, that we should be aware of?

Go put ’em in the comments. And then if you like this content, if you want more of it, make sure that you hit that like button, the subscribe and that little white bell thingy so that you can get notified. New content, as soon as it drops.[00:06:00]

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