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36 Tips To Live Your Best Life

In this very special episode, we are celebrating Dan’s birthday! We thought this was the perfect time to rapid-fire some of the best life advice we have to offer.

Looking back on Dan’s 36 years, Dan and Anthony give 18 quick tips each. So get ready to be inspired, and for your life to change for the better!

Happy Birthday, Dan!

All of this and more on this week’s episode of Multifamily Investing Made Simple, In Under 1o Minutes.

Tweetable Quotes:

“If it sounds too good to be true, it is.” – Anthony Vicino

“Don’t over leverage.” – Dan Krueger

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five rules of investing

The Five Rules of Investing

** Transcripts

36 Tips To Live Your Best Life

[00:00:00] Anthony: hello and welcome to multifamily investing made simple the episode, the podcast, the thing that we do. It’s all about taking the complexity out of real estate investing so that you can take action today on your host, Anthony Pacino of Invictus capital joined as always by Dan birthday, bullet Krueger,

[00:00:31] Dan: Berbers spoons.

For those of you who don’t watch on YouTube, you should because we have balloons and

[00:00:36] Anthony: they just descended from the ceiling. Uh, if you’re watching on YouTube right now, you’ll see. Oh, is it a boy? Is it a girl balloon? Um, we will be doing the reveal at the end of this episode to stick around. Surprise surprise Dan and Anthony are expecting, um, maybe we are just expecting to have a fantastic episode today as we’re going to break down in under 10 minutes [00:01:00] of God.

Good luck, God willing. Uh, we’re gonna break down 36 life tips. Dan’s going to give apes go number one.

[00:01:07] Dan: It’s all about relationships.

[00:01:08] Anthony: Okay. Good one. Uh, go

[00:01:11] Dan: number one. It’s all about relationships.

[00:01:13] Anthony: Okay. Good one,

[00:01:15] Dan: uh, number one, it’s all about relationship. Okay,

[00:01:19] Anthony: good one. Uh, I’m number one. It’s

[00:01:22] Dan: all about relationships.


[00:01:24] Anthony: Good one.

[00:01:25] Dan: Uh, it’s all about relationships.

[00:01:28] Anthony: Okay. Good one. Uh, I’m

[00:01:31] Dan: the waist down. This is going to take forever. Okay. We’re not going to dive into

[00:01:35] Anthony: these cause it’s going to take us, trust us. It takes a while. Okay. So mine is cliches are cliches for a reason. Yeah. Think about that. That’s deeper. All

[00:01:45] Dan: right.

What’s your number two? Uh, don’t over leverage.

[00:01:48] Anthony: Ah, that’s a good one. Yeah. Good. I’m good. Real estate advice. Uh, my number, what is this number? Uh, read.

[00:01:53] Dan: Can you keep

[00:01:54] Anthony: count for us? No, no, no, no, no, no. So you’re so one, three. Okay. So read us, holding it up for us. One three. Hey, by the way, um, [00:02:00] happy birthday, Dan. I got it.

I got some, a little bit of Prosecco here. So we were celebrating earlier and Liz drinking

[00:02:06] Dan: and his wife. She

[00:02:06] Anthony: loves Prosecco. How are you? Don’t waste time. You’re never going to get through this episode under 10 minutes of drinking for a second. All right. So number four, eat your veggies. That one comes, uh, courtesy of read out in the hallway.

Do you do

[00:02:21] Dan: it? Nope. All right, moving up,

[00:02:23] Anthony: do, as I say, not as I do

[00:02:24] Dan: number five, uh, workout working a fitness element to your routine, inline with the veggies, eat your veggies, and then

[00:02:31] Anthony: workout. What did we at? Number seven now. Six, six, uh, get more sleep.

[00:02:38] Dan: Recover,

[00:02:41] Anthony: uh, number eight, this one comes from Rachel. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

[00:02:46] Dan: I like that. Number nine is going to be, uh, take time to think I’m going to steal this from Nepal, but, uh, take time to think and also road less stupid. You’ve heard our book review or a book breakdown on that think, ask questions and [00:03:00] think I’ll get, are we on number

[00:03:01] Anthony: 10? Something like that. Number 10, don’t take anything.

[00:03:04] Dan: Hmm, that’s a good one. Yeah. Yeah. Almost never ends. Well, never number 11. I’m going to piggyback on that. Um, try to remove emotion from major decisions.

[00:03:13] Anthony: Okay. Okay. Kind of, kind of, you know, riding my coattails here. Well, that’s cool. Uh, number 12, try your best. Always. Just always try your best. Everything you do.

Everything you do is worth doing your best. Yeah.

[00:03:24] Dan: Uh, show up. Is that.

[00:03:28] Anthony: That’s a good question. Yeah, I think 13. All right. Number 14. Uh, like we’re flying by the way. I think we’re, we’re gonna, we’re gonna nail this guys and girls. So if you’re listening to this thing, like this is kind of a haphazard episode.

There just, it is literally spewing advice at me and not even taking time to like, let me digest, um, go back and put us on half, half speed. Dan

[00:03:48] Dan: sounds

[00:03:49] Anthony: awesome. At half speed, do it. And you try and do this next one. For real, you are way too six

[00:03:58] Dan: active, full speed, [00:04:00] failure,

[00:04:00] Anthony: failure, way to success. That was me speaking in whale language.

So I, well, my balloons out number 14,

[00:04:07] Dan: 15. Oh, geez. Okay. Um, we got to think, kinda think, gotta think, uh, never stopped learning.

[00:04:15] Anthony: That’s a good one. Let’s go on number 16. Uh, invest early and invest often. I

[00:04:22] Dan: think in terms of decades, take a long-term view.

[00:04:26] Anthony: Okay. Okay. Number 18, consistency, beats intensity. So do it for a long time.

Not, not a lot of time.

[00:04:32] Dan: Yeah. I’ll pick it back on that one and say that a depth of knowledge is superior to breadth of knowledge. So instead of knowing a little bit about a lot of things, try to get really good at certain things. What are we

[00:04:43] Anthony: on? Is this 1919, learn something new, every single.

[00:04:49] Dan: Good. Never stop learning.

Never stop. Um, mine, I’m going to steal this from Nepal because I’m fresh

[00:04:55] Anthony: off of reading his

[00:04:57] Dan: book out in front of you. Well, yeah, because I came prepared for a meeting [00:05:00] on the novel Almanac and it turned out to be a birthday party for me. Oh, surprise.

[00:05:03] Anthony: Birthday party. We lured him in with, uh, we told him that we were going to have an all staff meeting to talk about a book and he got excited.

[00:05:10] Dan: I did my homework. And so I’m going to use it today. Uh, read what you like until you love to read? Um, I think that one’s good because there’s a lot of people that are like, oh, I hate to read, but if you have to read comic books just to get going and get in the habit, do it. Damn it, my

[00:05:24] Anthony: next one is Lee and I’m not making this up.

Like the next one on my list is read more

[00:05:29] Dan: and you do my tip to actually get to read more. You got to learn to love it. First read more. I took that from devil, but it’s Sage wisdom. All right. What do we at? 2121. We’re doing good. You’re on 20. Oh, I’m on. I

[00:05:41] Anthony: did read more. Uh, and I had it written down. So it wasn’t just like piggybacking on you.

[00:05:48] Dan: Yeah. And I think I’m trying to, I’m trying to think of how to word this one. Um, do what the future you will. Thank you for. I’m trying to think how to put this into words, but thinking about what, like you 30 years from [00:06:00] now is going to want you to do today. Thinking about things from that perspective, uh, I think is going to keep things, keep you moving in the right

[00:06:08] Anthony: direction.

You’ll make better decisions. Long-term. Uh, okay. Here’s one, a million dollar idea is worthless without a million dollars worth of execution.

[00:06:19] Dan: Embrace partnerships. Can’t do everything yourself.

[00:06:23] Anthony: Ooh. Um, that steal yours. No, no mine was going to be about, you know, going out alone. Nevermind. How about this?

Work-life is overrated. I want work-life control.

[00:06:35] Dan: Um, 24, 25, if you want to be. Really successful, whatever that means to you. Um, but like elite level success, uh, forget about balance. You got to get obsessed and you got to devote your life to the thing that you want to really Excel at. So if you want to be a mogul athlete, like a professional athlete, you’ve, you’ve got to eliminate the concept of having.

[00:06:58] Anthony: I like it. Okay. I got a [00:07:00] quote here from Oscar. No, this is Emerson. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Um, the purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you lived and lived well.

[00:07:13] Dan: Hmm. I like it.

[00:07:16] Anthony: What about number 27, 27,

[00:07:20] Dan: uh, own things that cannot be reproduced scarce assets.


[00:07:28] Anthony: you can reproduce. I mean, you can have another child, but you can’t have that child again.

[00:07:33] Dan: Okay. We’re about to go off on a tangent cause I’m going to start talking about cloning, uh, own, as far as investments, not people don’t go to people, homes,

[00:07:42] Anthony: scarce assets. Okay. Um, do less

[00:07:46] Dan: better. Yes. Uh, we’re almost there.

We’re almost

[00:07:52] Anthony: there. We’re flying man.

[00:07:53] Dan: Got to pick it up maybe. Um, okay. Let’s see. Uh, prioritize, [00:08:00] um, happiness over material goals, make happiness, your goal, not money. I

[00:08:07] Anthony: just got done, quoting and saying Ralph Waldo. Emerson said the purpose of life is not to be happy and now you’re going to come up. Okay.

Anyway, I’m going to number 30. Disagree. All right. Number 30 numbers don’t lie, but I can make them say whatever I want them to. So invest accordingly.

[00:08:21] Dan: Uh, do your own, uh, do your own, do your own work. Don’t take someone’s word that just says, uh, here you should do this. It’s the next big thing, like actually do all the homework yourself to make your own decisions.

Don’t be a follower. Okay. It’s

[00:08:34] Anthony: 31 32, 1 2. I have three left on my list. So that means you just did your 30. Okay, we’re going to say this is . We’ve been drinking Prosecco in the afternoon. Um, either you own your schedule or your schedule owns you.

[00:08:54] Dan: Oh yeah. Uh, I just got excited cause I thought something [00:09:00] through clothes.

Embrace the no, uh, embrace. And this one is something I need to work on a lot. I’m a people pleaser. I say yes to all the things, because I just want to make people happy. At a certain point, you got to start saying no to things, focus on stuff. That’s the most important to you?

[00:09:18] Anthony: Uh, I actually miss red. I think maybe we’re one further ahead than I thought we were, but that’s okay.

Yeah, whatever one we’re on right now, if that’s 35 or 36 or whatever it is, a good decision making can not be taught. It can only be developed. So practice daily.

[00:09:35] Dan: Okay. I got one on the back of that. We do. Do we need more? One more. You finished

[00:09:39] Anthony: it out. Big boy bat. Big birthday boy, Dan.

[00:09:45] Dan: Okay. Uh, take us home. Um, okay. Geez. I lost my train of thought. Um, This is old age

starts in the brain. Um, okay. [00:10:00] Um, learn about mental models and use them.

[00:10:06] Anthony: Yup. Charlie Munger. Great resource for that people. Yeah. All right. So that’s it. We did it under 10 minutes, probably ish, very close. Um, 36 life tips. Don’t know if any of these are going to serve you at all? Um, hopefully you had some fun, if not.

Maybe, sorry, drink some Prosecco and then come back and listen to this episode. It’s going to get way better guaranteed. That’s going to do it for us guys. Go leave a review, share it with a friend and an enemy and we’ll see

[00:10:27] Dan: you next week. .

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